Why Notes/Domino is agile – and why it isn’t

Last few weeks I’ve been back on the horse doing Notes/Domino programming
after been working on various J2EE-projects for a couple of years. And I have to
say that Notes/Domino still amazes me. Why? Swift development. Swift deployment.
Swift change. In my opinion, Notes/Domino fits particularly well when you are
doing prototyping: creating an initial version (or Proof of Concept) of your
application is very quick, allowing to present an initial version to your users
in order to collect feedback and change requests. Furthermore, the
Notes/Domino’s unstructured data model allows your application to be easily
changed during its entire life cycle. Being able to change is what agility is
all about. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 😉

On the downside, automated unit testing of a Notes/Domino application is very
difficult because of the lack of tool support. Because of this, development
methodology like Test Driven Development (which I am a big believer in) and XP
is hard to do.