Installing Logstash on Windows using Scoop

December 02, 2015


I just made Logstash available for installation on Windows through the brilliant command-line installer Scoop. This makes it very easy to install, upgrade or uninstall Logstash on your system. I earlier posted a similar instruction on how to install Logstash’s companion products Elasticsearch and Kibana in Windows in my employer’s blog.

Here’s how you do it.

If you haven’t already, install the command-line installer by running the following in Powershell:

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')

Then, add the extra definitions list (known as ‘buckets’ in Scoop):

scoop add bucket extras

That’s it for the installer part. Finally, install Logstash:

scoop install logstash --global

That’s it! To prove that the installation went well, run Logstash with a simple configuration:

logstash -e 'input { stdin { } } output { stdout {} }'

You can then go on to install Logstash as a windows service, and start it

logstash_service install -configPath path\to\logstash.conf
logstash_service start

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Written by Vidar Kongsli who is a software professional living in Oslo, Norway. Works as a consultant, system architect and developer at Bredvid. You should follow him on Twitter