My PowerShell video course is available!

August 14, 2017


For the last months, I have been working on my PowerShell 5 recipes video course. It is now finally published!


Why make a video course? – you might ask. I come from a system development background, having worked with many development platforms in my time (Java, .NET, Lotus Notes, JavaScript, etc.) Back in 2011, after resisted for a while, I decided to learn PowerShell. So I dived in, head first. Why? Because I realized that in order to get a better delivery process for software, we need a broader scope than just the development per se. We need to get a holistic view of the environment the applications will run in, and we need to automate the deployment. This has become more and more evident with the coming of DevOps and is key to continuous delivery.

I am first and foremost a PowerShell user, and I do not consider myself an expert. Maybe a little more advanced than the average user, though. When the opportunity came to create a video course, the temptation to do something new to me as too hard to resist. I hope I have been able to keep the view of the user, resulting in a pragmatic, hands-on, course.

For whom?

The course is thought to be a smorgasbord of relevant topics in PowerShell that is relevant to the daily work of developers as well as IT. For people new to PowerShell, it will get you started by installing, and/or upgrading to the latest versions (even on Linux), customize, and set up the environment for your preferences. For developers, it gives you hands-on guidance to set up automated build and deployment. For DevOps (and IT), it guides you in provisioning Azure resources. For more advanced users, it gives you recipes on how to develop reusable scripts, handle modules and publishing your scripts to repositories.


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Written by Vidar Kongsli who is a software professional living in Oslo, Norway. Works as a consultant, system architect and developer at Bredvid. You should follow him on Twitter